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บทความวิชาการ ตีพิมพ์ในวารสารวิชาการระดับนานาชาติ
43 Assessing atmospheric pollution in a petrochemical industrial district using a lichen-air quality index (LiAQI) 

Chaiwat Boonpeng, Chutima Sriviboon, Wetchasart Polyiam, Duangkamon Sangiamdee, Santi Watthana, Kansri Boonpragob

Ecological Indicators 95: 589-594 (2018)

42 Architrypethelium murisporum (Ascomycota, Trypetheliaceae), a remarkable new lichen species from Thailand challenging ascospore septation as an indicator of phylogenetic relationships 

Theerapat Luangsuphabool, H. Thorsten Lumbsch, Jittra Piapukiew, Ek Sangvichien

MycoKeys, 34; 25-34 (2018) 

41 First record of Viridothelium virens (Trypetheliales, Ascomycota) in the Southeast Asian tropics 

Theerapat Luangsuphabool, Jittra Piapukiew, H. Thorsten Lumbsch & EkSangvichien

Herzogia 30 (1), 2017: 317–321

40 A new checklist of lichenized fungi occurring in Thailand 

Kawinnat Buaruang et al.

MycoKeys 23: 1-91: 2017 

39 Kalbionora palaeotropica, a new genus and species from coastal forests in Southeast Asia and Australia (Malmideaceae, Ascomycota) 

Mattika Sodamuk, Kansri Boonpragob, Pachara Mongkolsuk, Anders Tehler, Steven D. Leavitt, H. Thorsten Lumbsch

MycoKeys 22: 15-25: 2017 

38 Airborne trace elements near a petrochemical industrial complex in Thailand assessed by the lichen Parmotrema tinctorum (Despr. ex Nyl.) Hale 

Boonpeng, C., Polyiam, W., Sriviboon, C., Sangiamdee, D., Watthana, S., Nimis, P. L. & Boonpragob, K.

Environmental Science and Pollution Research 24: :12393–12404: 2017

37 ‘Missing links’ alive? Novel taxa represent morphological transitions between distinctive phenotypes among extant Graphidaceae (lichenized Ascomycota: Ostropales) 

Jutarat Kalb, Wetchasart Polyiam, Eimy Rivas Plata, Paulina A. Bawingan, Klaus Kalb, Robert Lücking

Phytotaxa 268(2): 101-122:2016

36 Five new species and one new record of Astrothelium (Trypetheliaceae, Ascomycota) from Thailand 

Luangsuphabool, T., Lumbsch, H.T., Aptroot, A., Piapukiew, J., and Sangvichien, E.

The Lichenologist 48(6): 727-737: 2016

35 New Coenogonium species (Ostropales: Coenogoniaceae) from Thailand, new reports and a revised key to the species occurring in the country 

Jutarat Kalb, Kansri Boonpragob, Klaus Kalb

Phytotaxa 283(2): 101-122:2016

34 Diversity and phylogenetic survey of cyanobacterial lichens (Collematineae, Ascomycota) in mangrove forests of eastern Thailand 

Achariya Rangsiruji, Kansri Boonpragob, Pachara Mongkolsuk, Mattika Sodamuk, Kawinnat Buaruang, Sutheewan Binchai, H. Thorsten Lumbsch, and Sittiporn Parnmen

The Bryologist 119(2):123-130: 2016

33 Diversity of the Trypethelium eluteriae group in Thailand (Ascomycota, Trypetheliales) 

Theerapat Luangsuphabool, Jittra Piapukiew, Sittiporn Parnmen, Matthew P. Nelsen, H. Thorsten Lumbsch, Ek Sangvichien

The Lichenologist 48(1): 53-60: 2016

32 The lichen family Physciaceae in Thailand—II. Contributions to the genus Heterodermia sensu lato 

Pachara Mongkolsuk, Sanya Meesim, Vasun Poengsungnoen, Kawinnat Buaruang, Felix Schumm and Klaus Kalb

Phytotaxa 235(1): 1-66: 2015 

31 Molecular data support Pseudoparmelia as a distinct lineage related to Relicina and Relicinopsis (Ascomycota, Lecanorales) 

Buaruang, K., Scharnagl, K., Divakar, P., Leavitt, S. D., Crespo, A., Nash, T. H., Manoch, L., Lücking, R. and Lumbsch, H. T.

The Lichenologist 47(1): 43–49: 2015

30 New species of Graphidaceae (Ostropales, Lecanoromycetes) from southern Thailand 

Sutjaritturakan, J., Saipunkaew, W., Boonpragob, K. & Kalb, K. 

Phytotaxa, 189(1): 312–324: 2014

29 Coenogonium coronatum (Ostropales: Coenogoniaceae), a new foliicolous species from Thailand, ecological aspects and a key to the species occurring in the country 

Neuwirth, G., Stocker-Wörgötter, E., Boonpragob, K. & Saipunkaew, W. 

The Bryologist, 117(2): 161-164: 2014

28 Phylogenetic analysis reveals two morphologically unique new species in the genera Astrochapsa and Nitidochapsa (Lichenized Ascomycota: Graphidaceae) 

Poengsungnoen, V., Manoch, L., Mongkolsuk, P., Boonprakob, K.,Parnmen, S., Lücking, R., Tehler, A. & Lumbsch, H.T.

Phytotaxa 189(1): 268-281: 2014

27 New species of Graphidaceae from Loei Province, Thailand 

Poengsungnoen, V., Manoch, L., Mongkolsuk, P. & Kalb, K. 

Phytotaxa, 189(1), 255–267: 2014

26 Secondary metabolic profiling and antibacterial activities of different species of Usnea collected in Northern Philippines

Santiago, K. A. A., Sangvichien, E., Boonpragob, K. and dela Cruz, T. E. E.

Mycosphere, 4(2), 267-280: 2013

25 Molecular phylogenetic studies on tropical species of Lecanora sensu stricto (Lecanoraceae, Ascomycota)

Papong, K., Boonpragob, K., Parnmen, S. and Lumbsch, H.T. 

Nova Hedwigia, 86(1-2), 1-13: 2012

24 The lichen family Physciaceae in Thailand-I. The genus Pyxine

Mongkolsuk, P., Meesim, S., Poengsungnoen, V., and Kalb, K.

Phytotaxa, 59, 32-54: 2012

23 New or otherwise interesting Lichens. VI, including a lichenicolous fungus

Kalb, K., Buaruang, K., Mongkolsuk, P. and Boonprakob, K.

Phytotaxa, 42, 35-47: 2012

22 Morphological disparity in Cladoniaceae: The foliose genus Heterodea evolved from  fruticose Cladia species (Lecanolales,   lichenized Ascomycota)

Parnmen, S., Rangsiruji, A., Mongkolsuk, P., Boonprakob, K., Elix, J. A. and Lumbsch, T.

Taxon, 59 (3), 841-848: 2011

21 A tribute to Natsurang Homchantara

Boonpragob, K.

The Lichenologist 42(2): 129–130, 2010 

20 Thelotremoid lichen species recently described from Thailand: a re-evaluation

Papong, K., Boonpragob, K., Mangold, A., Divakar, P.K. and Lumbsh, H.T.

The Lichenologist 42(2), 131-137: 2010

19 High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Analysis of Anthraquinone Compounds in the Laurera benguelensis

Manojlovic, N., Markovic., Z., Gritsanapan, W.  and Boonpragob, K.

Russian Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 83(9), 1554-1557: 2009

18 New or otherwise interesting lichens from the tropics, including the lichen genus Ramboldia in Thailand

Kalb, K., Buaruang, K., Papong, K. and Boonpragob, K.

Mycotaxon 110, 109-123: 2009

17 New or otherwise interesting lichens V

Kalb, K., Archer, A.W., Sutjaritturakan, J. and Boonpragob, K.

Bibliotheca Lichenologica 99, 225-246: 2009

16 Four new taxa of Chroodiscus (thelotremoid Graphidaceae) from Southeast Asia

Papong, K., Lücking, R.; Thammathaworn, A. and Boonpragob, K.

The Bryologist 112(1), 152-163: 2009

15 Cladoniaceae lichens  of Thailand

Parnmen, S., Rangsiruji, A., Mongkolsuk, P., Boonpragob,  K. & Lumbsch, T.H.

Rapid colors guide 253 version  1., 2009

14 Phylogenetics of lichens in the genus Cladonia (Cladoniaceae) in northern and northeastern Thailand

Parnmen, S., Rangsiruji, A., Mongkolsuk, P., and Ahti, T.

Sauteria 15, 385-402: 2008

13 Three new species of   Cladonia from Thailand

Ahti, T., Parnmen, S., and  Mongkolsuk, P.

Sauteria 15, 15-19: 2008

12 Historic biogeography and phenotype-phylogeny of the lichen genus Chroodiscus (Ascomycota: Ostropales: Thelotremataceae), with the description of four new taxa from Thailand

Papong, K., Lucking, R., Thammathaworn, A. and Boonpragob, K.

Global Ecology and biogeography, 35: 2311-2327: 2007

11 Epiphytic macrolichens as indicators of environmental alteration in northern Thailand

Saipunkaew, W., Wolseley, P. A., Chimonides, P. J. and Boonpragob, K.

Envirinmental Pollution 146, 366-374: 2007

10 Ecological groups of lichen along environmental gradients on two different host tree species in the tropical rain forest at Khao Yai National Park, Thailand

Boonpragob, K. & Polyaim, W.

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9 Monitoring physiological change in lichens: Total chlorophyll content and chlorophyll degradation 

Boonpragob, K.

Monitoring with Lichens –Monitoring Lichens. 323 – 326, 2002

8 New species of the lichen family Thelotremataceae in SE Asia

Homchantara, N. and B. J. Coppins

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7 Lichen research in Thailand

Ek Sangvicien, Natsurang Homchantara, Piboon Mongkolsuk and Kansri Boonpragob

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6 New species and new records in the lichen family Parmeliaceae (Ascomycotina) from Thailand

Thitiporn Pooprang, Kansri Boonpragob and John A. Elix

Mycotaxon, 71: 111-127, 1999

5 New species of Pamotrema and Relicina (Ascomycota, Parmeliaceae) From Thailand

Kawinnart Noicharoen, Wetchasart Polyiam, Kansri Boonpragob, John A. Elix and Patricia A. Wolselay

Mycotaxon, 71: 111-127, 1999

4 Additions to the lichen flora of Thailand

K. Vongshewarat, P.M. McCarthy, P. Mongkolsuk, K. Boonpragob

Mycotaxon, 70: 222-236, 1999

Physiological responses of the lichen Ramalina Menziesii Tayl. to the Los Angeles urban environment

Kansri Boonpragob and T.H. Nash III

Enviromental and Experimental Botany, 31 (2): 229-238, 1991

Seasonal variation of elemental status in the lichen Ramalina menziesii Tayl. from two sites in southern California: evidence for dry deposition accumulation

Kansri Boonpragob and T.H. Nash III

Enviromental and Experimental Botany, 30 (4): 415-428, 1990

1 Seasonal deposition patterns of acidic ions and ammonium to the lichen Ramalina menziesii Tayl. in 
southern California

Kansri Boonpragob, T.H. Nash III and C.A. Fox

Enviromental and Experimental Botany, 29 (2): 187-197, 1989